What Did You Learn This Summer – Part 1

Episode #6: What Did You Learn This Summer – Part 1

In this episode, we discuss the three altitudes of leadership and how important it is to not get bogged down on tasks and business at the 5′ level. We share about some tools we want to use to help us manage 5′ altitude business so we have more time to address the 5,000′ and 50,000′ needs of our schools. We discuss homework we will have for the summer and we ask listeners to share back their tools, tips and tricks via Twitter. Lastly, we talk about the multiplying effect that #PLN and relationships have on professional learning.

Tools Mentioned in E6

    • Narro is a a text to speech podcast app. Narro will take your bookmarked articles and read them back to you as a podcast.
    • Pocket is a free service that makes it easy to discover great content that’s personalized to your interests, and save this content so you can return to it later on any device, at any time.
    • IFTTT is a web-based service to create chains of simple conditional statements that are triggered by changes that occur within other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, or Pinterest.
    • Toby is a browser extension that helps you organize your tabs on every new page.
    • Keep is a note-taking service that syncs across all devices and allows collaboration.
    • Executive Summaries is a web-based subscription service for book summaries, reviews and webinars of the best business books.
    • Todoist helps get all your tasks and thoughts out of your head and onto your to-do list anytime, anywhere, on all of your favorite devices.

What Tools and Tips Do You Use?:

What are the tools, tips, and tricks that help you manage 5′ altitude business so you have more time for the 5,000 and  50,000′? Reply back on Twitter @BetweentheJohns with #BTJGTD.

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We are elementary school principals in Rowland Unified School District in Southern California. We have launched this podcast as part of our inquiry to learn, share and apply effective leadership practice.

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2 Replies to “What Did You Learn This Summer – Part 1”

  1. Hello Between the Johns,

    Wanted to thank you for the wonderful episode 6 that reviewed the tools of work flow. Would love to see “How I work” for the Ed leaders you know. I personally love ITTT to help with guiding my Twitter searches and staying checked-in with people I follow. Feedly is another RSS feed manager that I like also. GKeep is nice but I wish it would connect to your google calendar. One that j have been using on my iPhone is gTasks. It connects with your google tasks on you google calandre. Helps a lot when you have a few things to check on as you are on your calendar.
    Keep on working!

    Kind Regards,


  2. Thanks, E. There are many tools to choose from: Google Tasks, Keep, Todoist, Trello, etc. I’ve used Evernote for years for a variety of uses and I think that may be my “go to.” Here’s the rationale; every time you turn around, there is another tool that is cool, does some neat trick, and gets a lot of reviews and press. I’m beginning to find that is a problem.
    As a leader, I need to simplify and streamline my workflow. If I am not careful, I become a master technician and spend hours learning how to operate software versus improving a good system already in place. Now, if you don’t have a system in place, then it doesn’t matter which software you choose. Pick one. Get a system (do some GTD research on this). Then put it into operation. There is no perfect tool and you will have to adapt. Evernote holds almost everything so far. I need to work on the calendar aspect, but I just need to create a system. At the end of it all, it is the habit I create that makes me effective. The tool is secondary. Best wishes and stay tuned to see what we’ve learned this summer!

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