Shaping a vision of success for all students

Episode #5: Shaping a vision of success for all students

In this episode, we discuss several articles related to a shared vision, make connections to ideas of others we have accessed through social media, and we share and reflect on our leadership practices.

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Show Rundown:

We kick off the show discussing how important it is at the end of the school year to maintain relationships and acknowledge others. We reference two Learn with John Eick podcast episodes (Stay in Your Trenches and Celebrate the Obvious).

We launch our show topic by revisiting effective practice #1 from Five Key Responsibilities – The School Principal as Leader: Guiding Schools to Better Teaching and Learning. We relate our thoughts on the article to how we are trying to deepen our learning and practice through social media PLN such as articles, blogs, podcasts, Twitter, and Voxer. We reference episode 46, The Power of Connecting with Other Educators, from the Teaching Tales podcast by Brent Coley that features Edumatch founder Sarah Thomas.

Next we reference and share points from the article, To Lead, Create a Shared Vision. As we discuss points from the article, we make connections to Good to Great. We segue into the article How Great Leaders Create and Share a Positive Vision, reference the Flywheel Effect, Sawubona, a Zulu Greeting, The Push and Pull of Leadership, and #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay.

Our last article is Difference Between Vision and Mission Statements: 25 Examples which we use as springboard to share on our struggles and success with mission and vision work. We connect back to Start With Why and reference Sergiovanni (here’s a short review of one of his books, Leadership: What’s In It For Schools).

We end the show with a conversation about how we need to bring in all stakeholders into the process of creating a shared vision and then we do Shoutouts.


Shout Outs are our acknowledgment and thanks to folks who have helped us with this episode or who influence our thinking and inspire us to grow.

EdTech all stars who help us with the instructional side of the house

Podcasts from ed Leader champs who influence us and help us reflect on our leadership practices

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