Expanding our Personal Learning Network (PLN)

A Journey

Welcome to the beginning of the journey between two principals (John Martinez and John Staumont). The geneses of Between the Johns came from our recent visit to CUE 18. I will not go into all the details of how and why since that will defeat the purpose of our upcoming podcasts.

A Purpose

We will explore the power of personal learning networks (PLNs) and their influence on educational leaders. While we primarily deal with school principals, all educational leaders use strategies to support, scale and sustain technology integration and innovation within their area of influence. Our effort is to uncover and share those ideas to help leaders expand their PLN. 

A Call

Follow us on Twitter @BetweentheJohns. We are currently exploring podcasting, audio mixing, microphones, and hosting. We are expanding our network to include knowledgeable people in this area of technology, and we hope to have some podcasts up and running soon.

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