BTJ Episode 009

Episode #9: Dude, Where’s My Tribe?: Elevate Leadership Through Social Media PLNs In this episode, we learn how educators across the country use social media PLNs to further their learning and practice. We discuss how these efforts elevate leadership for individuals and across school buildings.   Resources Mentioned in E9 San Gabriel Valley CUE Innovation

BTJ Episode 008

Episode #8: It’s All About Relationships In this episode, we discuss why building relationships in schools is so important.   Show Rundown: We make references to The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros and Culturize by Jimmy Casas #Rx4Relationships Tweets from Jellick Elementary School #Rx4Relationships Tweets from Rowland Elementary School Morning Meetings Classroom Strategies for Making

A Smile Can Change Everything

Before we get started… During a #4OCFpln Voxer conversation a couple weeks ago, Naomi Austin made this statement, “Be the reason that somebody smiles today.” Throughout the morning there were lots of acknowledgments within the group about how we so often do that for one another. We have tremendous influence on others and I think