A Smile Can Change Everything

Before we get started… During a #4OCFpln Voxer conversation a couple weeks ago, Naomi Austin made this statement, “Be the reason that somebody smiles today.” Throughout the morning there were lots of acknowledgments within the group about how we so often do that for one another. We have tremendous influence on others and I think

Let’s Catch Up, What’s New With You?

Before we get started… I shared previously about my apprehension for writing, that blogging is definitely outside my comfort zone, and that I have been inspired to write and blog by all the wonderful educators in the #4OCF Voxer PLN. They have become my PLF (Personal Learning Family coined by Sarah Thomas). After I posted

Episode 4: How Vision and Culture Impact Learning and Leadership

Episode 4 Show Notes Episode #4: How Vision and Culture Impact Learning and Leadership In this episode, we discuss how school leaders can use vision and culture together to impact learning and leadership in classrooms. We talk with a colleague about how she and others initiated two professional learning groups, one for reading and the

Episode #3: Professional Learning and Vision

Episode 3 Show Notes Episode #3: Professional Learning and Vision In this episode, we talked with nine educators who attended the Rowland Unified School District Professional Learning Conference on April 21, 2018. We asked them questions related to Professional Learning and Vision. E2 References Rowland USD Professional Learning Conference pamphlet Let’s Get Interactive We would