Professional Learning and Vision

Episode #3: Professional Learning and Vision

In this episode, we talked with nine educators who attended the Rowland Unified School District Professional Learning Conference on April 21, 2018. We asked them questions related to Professional Learning and Vision.

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Let’s Get Interactive

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      • What are the conditions that need to be in place so that professional learning is powerful for you?

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Shout Outs this time around go to the educators that helped make the Rowland USD Professional Learning Conference happen and to the guests on this episode. Thank you for being part of our #PLN. Your insights, ideas, and leadership influence our thinking and broaden our perspective.

Dr. Julie Mitchell

Dr. Trisha Callella

Yousef Nasouf

Sonya Martinez

Danielle Caro

Tracy Do

Kristin Welch

Dr. Cindy Bak

Dr. Celia Munguia

Carlos Ochoa

Sarah Opatkiewicz

Dr. Kevin Despard

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